Digital Forensics Training Bootcamp

Digital/Cyber Forensics and Open Source Intelligence Training Bootcamp

JJTC & ECON Peace Consult Limited Training is sketched with the aim of training individuals, Managers, Accountants, Directors e.t.c, at becoming professionals in the domain of forensics, intelligence gathering and analysis, Print and Digital Media, Journalism and background due to intelligence checks.

The training objectives are to help in the Digital/Cyber Forensic process that validates your E-evidence, it will also help participants on how to be Cyber Smart; Protect their digital identity and privacy, to also utilize Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT) methods and tools in their investigative practice of Forensic, it will also guide them on how to draft case ready for Forensic investigation reports.

Lastly, the training has been designed to target Forensic Examiners, Licensed Investors, Intel Analysis, Financial and Audit Institutions, Active Law Enforcement Officers, Attorneys & Paralegals, Human Resources Practitioners, Background checks & screening Agencies, Students, and Postgraduates.

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