Training course on Advance Forensic Auditing For Financial Manager in Public and private Sectors

Fraud and Forensic Auditing training are designed for financial managers, Accountants, Auditors, Compliance Officers, Procurement/Store Officers, and individuals, who wish to learn about the most common white-collar crime in a corporate setting – fraud. Fraud is a phenomenon encompassing the fraud triangle- opportunity, rationalization, and pressure – which includes many human psychological components.

This training course is designed to dive deep into the why, the how and the who, as we discuss what the typical fraudsters ‘look like and why they decide to perpetrate a crime against Individuals, organization, and government MDA’s upon studying the various ways in which white-collar criminals do their work, the course reviews with real examples the ways in which organizations can combat fraud in both preventive and detective ways. Furthermore, the course will explore some of the more common types of fraud discovery including the use of big data and analytic tools, through a case study.

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